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Seamax Undemanding Load Boat Launching Dolly 12” Wheels System for Zodiac Type Inflatable Boats & Aluminum Boats

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Seamax Undemanding Load Boat Launching Dolly 12” Wheels System for Zodiac Type Inflatable Boats & Aluminum Boats by SEAMAX

  • 1). Seamax Easy Load Boat Launching Wheels Set is designed by...
  • 5). Maintenance: Wash it after using from salt water or sandy...
  • 4.) Tire inflation: Dolly tires may not be fully inflated when...

Product Description
Instructions 1). These wheels have 2+1 adjustment positions for length base on the wheel arm end rotation position upper or lower. to remove the leg assembly from the bracket, simply push the stainless steel locking button and then the rotation button to release. 2). The wheels must face towards the boat tubes and be as far apart as possible (this will give you more stability when moving the boat around) and clear the boat tubes by about one inch so they don't rub against the tubes when being raised or lowered. the wheels must also clear the bottom of the boat by about one inch when placed in their lowered position. 3). Once you have determined the mounting positions for the brackets which should be straight up and down on the transom and about 6-8 inches up from the bottom of the bracket to the bottom of the boat, mark where to drill the 5/16" holes (drill bit not included). This is best done by separating the leg assembly from the bracket. double check everything again before drilling any holes! holes and transom must be vertical. 4. Use the supplied washers and lock nuts on the bolts on the inside of the transom to secure the brackets to the transom and then cap them with the supplied acorn nuts to protect your boat when rolled up. www.seamaxcanada.com 1877-907-7766
Seamax Pro Form Kit for Inflatable Boat (250ml 2 Part PVC Glue, with Gray Material) by SEAMAX

  • Glue, glue hardener, paint Brush, optional patch material
  • Only mix the amount of glue you require for the repair. Seal the...
  • Instruction of Glue Layer applied: 1-2 layers on new fabric...

Product Description


Package provides 2 part glue. Mix 5% hardener into the glue before use. Max mix 10% hardener when in Cold Weather 10C-15C or when High Humanity 50-75%.

For the best results when gluing, the relative humidity should be less than 60%, ambient air temperature should be between 18C to 25C (65 F to 77F) and not in direct sunlight. Clean the patching area on the boat as well as the contact side of the patch, best to be with M.E.K. (Methyl Ethel Ketone) patching solvent and cleaner. Keep solvent off skin. After applying the solvent, you will notice that the area will become tacky. This tackiness ensures good glue adhesion.

We suggest using small painting blush to apply 2layers glue in both surface, wait 5-10 minutes to dry and attach those layers together with pressure. Wait 48 hours before boating.

Store the Glue in cold place. Keep out of Reach of Children. Product has 2 years limited warranty.

How to levy an inflatable boat with hard floor

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