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Cold-moulded wood boatbuilding predates fibreglass and has been used successfully for sailing dinghies, offshore racing yachts, fast multihulls and powerboats, and even rowing shells. It involves bonding together layers of wood veneers or thin planks to make a strong, lightweight and watertight hull. Modern glues, particularly epoxy resins, gave cold-moulding a boost and improved both its strength for weight and longevity. Strip-planking is a related technique using narrow strips of wood, and it too has been improved by modern adhesives. The two forms of building can also be combined. Both of these techniques have been used in some excellent boats, by both professionals and amateurs. They are particularly suited to one-off or short series production, and allow the moulds to be dismantled and even modified for later use. Cost and time factors are attractive, and even for amateurs without a high degree of woodworking skill good results are quite feasible. This book is a practical guide to both methods, starting from the design requirements, necessary tools and working conditions, and choice of timber through step-by-step construction and repair. Ian Nicolson’s many drawings illustrate the process and provide examples of a variety of successfully built boats.
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"Build wooden boats the Buehler way, which is to say inexpensively, yet like the proverbial brick outhouse." -- Wooden Boat

"A WEALTH OF VALUABLE INFORMATION." -- American Sailing Association

The classic and definitive guide for the home boatbuilder--now updated

Everybody has the dream: Build a boat in the backyard and sail off to join the happy campers of Pogo Pogo, right? But how? Assuming you aren't independently wealthy, if you want a boat that is really you, you gotta build it yourself. With irreverent wit and an engaging style, George Buehler shows you how to turn your backyard into a boatyard. Buehler draws his inspiration from centuries of workboat construction, where semiskilled fishermen built rugged, economical boats from everyday materials in their own backyards, and went to sea in them in all kinds of weather.

Buehler's boats sail on every ocean and perform every task, from long-term liveaboards in Norwegian fjords to a traveling doctor's office in Alaska. The book contains complete plans for ten cruising boats--from an 18-foot schooner to a 48-foot Diesel Duck.

For more than a quarter century, backyard boatbuilders have turned to George Buehler's acclaimed DIY guide for expert advice, step-by-step instructions, and the author's irreverent, no-nonsense commentary. Whether you're experienced or unskilled, over-budget or under-financed, into sailing or powerboats, you'll find everything you need to start building--and finish that boat--in one essential guide. Now updated for the 21st century, the undisputed "bible" for boatbuilders is more comprehensive, more practical, and more fun than ever. You'll find:

  • 10 new, practical, rugged, and ready-to-build designs--including Buehler’s popular Diesel Duck--with full plans and scantlings
  • Up-to-date commentary on the latest materials--epoxies, sealants, metals, fastenings, and more
  • Step-by-step guidance on choosing the size, complexity, and design that's right for your skillset, your workshop, and your wallet
  • Stem-to-stern, inside-and-out tips on lofting, framing up, planking, decking, hatches, keels, bolt-ons, finishes, rigging, outfitting, and launching--everything you need to know!

Jam-packed with photographs, helpful diagrams, and cost-effective techniques, this is a must-have reference for today’s boatbuilders or those curious "makers" tinkering around the backyard. If you want to build that boat of your dreams, you can't find a better guide than Buehler's.

"Immensely practical…clear and concise." -- Sailing

"Everyone will revere this book." -- The Ensign

George Buehler was born in Oregon in 1948, and has been messing around with boats ever since his sainted mother gave him a copy of Scuppers the Sea Dog. Buehler is an accomplished yacht designer who lives on Whidbey Island, Washington.

DIY Skinflinty $60 Plywood Jon Boat!

Here is my to the quick made Jon Boat, Can be made as cheap as $60! Its light enough @ 75lbs to load in your truck and carry to the water. Google "plywood jon boat" ...

  • iRow

    How much would you guess the cost of building a wooden rowing shell?

    I am wondering about price of materials plus the amount of time I would have to invest into it. Also, how difficult would it be for somebody like me with no boat building experience? Looking for answers from somebody who has stitch and spool boat building...

    Use search to pinpoint texts about the subject. Boat building requires a large room and considerable equipment. There may be DIY kit boats available. Inquire in your area about others who have done this.

  • Razally

    What slide boat design has a maximum buoyancy and minimal draft but can still sail upwind ok?

    I needfulness to design a remote controlled sailing boat that can carry a lot of weight but will need to sail upwind and in shallow waters

    You poverty a moveable centerboard that you can raise and lower remotely. You will need it down while sailing upwind, half-down when crosswind, and up when downwind. Diagram and motive...

  • R B

    Is there a well-meaning of boat that works as a desalination facility?

    I'm not an mechanic, but I think that you could build a large ship using solar power around the tropics and use evaporation (on platforms, and with heated tubes, not directly from the sea) to congregate fresh water. It'd be a passive collection system....

    A loft conversion is the handle of transforming an empty attic space into a functional room, typically used as either living accommodation or storage space. The instatement of a loft conversion is a complicated...

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