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  • Perfect for your home decoration or your outdoor living area!
  • Great gift idea!
  • Style: vintage hand painted

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Here is a hand made vintage looking Tiki sign "ALOHA WAIKIKI" depicting an outrigger canoe catching a wave under the full moon, this wooden vintage Hawaiiana sign has been hand painted with great attention to details. Specification:- Measurement: 24" X 16" (60 cm X 25cm).- Material: wood- Style: vintage hand paintedGreat gift idea!Perfect for your home decoration or your outdoor living area!
Big Surf At Waikiki - Hawaii Outrigger Canoe - Bygone Menu Cover Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Pink Palace of the Pacific) by John Melville Kelly c.1950s - Hawaiian Gaffer Art Print - 9in x 12in

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Big Surf At Waikiki - Hawaii Outrigger Canoe - Bygone Menu Cover Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Pink Palace of the Pacific) by John Melville Kelly c.1950s - Hawaiian Gaffer Art Print - 9in x 12in by Pacifica Island Art

  • Image also available in Giclee and Rolled Canvas Fine Art Prints
  • Bright White Paper with High Opacity
  • Premium Silk Finish Coated Paper - 8 mils Thick

Product Description
Enjoy a taste of Aloha with these beautiful Hawaiian Fine Art Prints by Pacifica Island Art. This print will look wonderful framed in the home, office or restaurant and is perfect for the Hawaiian art collector. John Melville Kelly (1879-1962) was an American painter and printmaker. He was born in Oakland, California in 1879. He studied art at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art (San Francisco), the Partington Art School (San Francisco) and with Eric Spencer Macky (1880-1958). Kelly worked for fourteen years as an illustrator for the San Francisco Examiner, and had even been a prizefighter, before he and his wife, the sculptor Kate Kelly, went to Hawaii in 1923. Their plan was to stay a year, working for an advertising agency creating material to promote tourism. They fell in love with the islands and the people and stayed permanently. Kate took a class in printmaking at the University of Hawaii with Huc-Mazelet Luquiens (1881-1961), and then taught John the techniques. John's ravishing depictions of Polynesians was, in fact, what distinguished him from other artists in Hawaii at the time. The Kellys immediately identified with the native Hawaiians and became their champions in images and in print. John produced etchings and aquatints, primarily of human figures, though he occasionally did landscapes as well. He authored and illustrated "Etchings and Drawings of Hawaiians" in 1943, and "The Hula as Seen in Hawaii" in 1955. John Melville Kelly died in Honolulu in 1962.

Waikiki Outrigger Canoe wt Girls - Overwhelming Video

Waikiki Girls Slip April 2012, surfer wipeout, SUP wipeout, "hey girl I like your earrings", "that buoy is gonna get us", "imma cause the death of you Ana", "he's maaad", ...

  • lovely at 29

    I will be celebrating my 30th birthday in waikiki. Can you suggest somewhere especial to go for dinner?

    I will be with a brace of family members and my 5 year old. I have in my mind a big hawaiian man singing happy birthday with a ukulele lol. Thanks Me. Obviously i want to go to a restaurant for dinner! Some people are idiots.

    DUKE'S CANOE Fellowship & BAREFOOT BAR offers a casual dining experience on the beach in Waikiki. The open-air restaurant features an ambiance reminiscent of "Old Waikiki." Menu offerings comprehend fresh Island fish, prime...

  • caguyla90006

    Where is the unmistakeable off area on Waikiki beach for swimmers?

    I keep in mind someone telling me that there is an area down by the zoo/park along the beach where an area is marked off for serious swimmers. I guess you can swim out to a maked size/flag and swim back. Lap swimmers swim there all the time. Great open...

    It is called San Souci Careen, it is where the Waikiki Roughwater Swim starts every year right in front of the New Otani hotel. A lot of swimmers from the Outrigger Canoe Club are out all the time....

  • Candace

    What are some fun things to do in wakkiki hawaii?

    my husband and i are planning on active to hawaii after i have our bby and we wanna know what fun things to do in 6days?

    Waikiki is so much fun, I could invest days there and never get bored! 1) waikiki beach itself is fun! Great water, sun, sand, people watching! You can take a beginner surfing castigation, ride a catamaran or an...

Latest News

  • Outrigger canoe vandalized in Waikiki

    11/04/13 ,via Hawaii News Now

    Vandals prolong painted and inked graffiti on the Faith Surf Schools' outrigger surf canoe last week. "When we opened up the next morning, we discovered that the full side that was facing us was covered with graffiti. It was both paint as well as

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  • Charley Boorman's Conservative Frontiers

    11/21/13 ,via Radio Times

    He begins by exploring the lava fields of Hawaii Ait and then taking to the waters off Waikiki Beach in an outrigger canoe. Charley then heads north to Alaska, where he tries to fulfil a boyhood dream of building an igloo, before sampling time on the ...

  • Waikiki Bank Boys Surf

    11/21/13 ,via au.totaltravel.yahoo.com

    Waikiki Seaside Boys Surf is the pre-eminent surf camp in the world offering surf lessons and outrigger canoe rides on the famous Waikiki beach. The only surf camp-site of its kind, Waikiki Beach Boys Surf has exclusive rights to teach surfing at Waikiki Beach.

  • Waikiki Strand Boys

    11/21/13 ,via Surfline

    While the going round version of Hawaiian beach boys, the Hui, is notorious for sending haoles to the beach, their predecessors were renowned for just the opposite -- serving them into the lineup and onto waves. Led by pioneers such as George Freeth and Duke ...

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