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Stumble on the 31st Street Chicago FlyBoard team, Learn to Fly with Chicago Jet Ski Rentals. FlyBoard rentals and sales.

  • Cente

    Feel discomfited 2-person boat rental in Chicago for the fourth of july next year?

    I'd extraordinarily like to take my girlfriend out on lake michigan to watch the city fireworks for the fourth. The problem is, the websites off google are all 6+ people and I haven't found one acquainted with rental company just for the two of us! Any ideas where I...

    That could be risky in a small boat. The lake can be treacherous especially that night with cruise boats, sailboats, yachts, and speedboats flying around making waves. I could on none. I found a jet ski...


    Jet ski rentals, do you deprivation to know anything before driving one?

    I chart on doing a jet ski rental this week for an hour in Chicago, I've never rode or drove one before. Is it a hop on and you'll know what to do situation or? http://www.jetskischicago.com/jet-skis/jet-ski-rental/ Other than swimming lol I'm a...

    The rental plc will give you a brief orientation, about 20 minutes, which will cover the safe operation of the watercraft, "rules of the road", and very basic helmsmanship. If you are unclear on anything, don't...

  • yaksjimash

    Where can I fee a jet ski in the Chicago land area on Lake Michigan?

    Montrose Ground. It's the only jet ski rental in Chicago. T. 312.437.7547

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  • Flyboarding: Jet-propelled profligately sport takes you flying

    11/19/13 ,via Medill Reports: Chicago

    According to John Gibbs, proprietor of Chicago Jet Ski Rentals, the new water sport has several applications. “It can be a sport for fun and acrobatics,” Gibbs said. “It can also be used for search and rescue. And the covering of that hasn't even be

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  • Flyboarding: Jet-propelled sprinkle sport takes you flying

    11/19/13 ,via Northwestern University

    “I’ve always been into breed of adrenaline things,” said Taylor Calacci, a flyboard instructor at Chicago Jet Ski Rentals. “But, I never thought I would be flying. It’s a whole new factor.” Calacci is among the new surge of adrenaline junkies ...

  • Steamboat Offers the Ski Municipality U.S.A. Package

    11/14/13 ,via OnTheSnow.com

    Steamboat is a ski village with a Western flair like no ... This season’s winter flight program offers non-stop jet air service from nine biggest U.S. airports, including including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis ...

  • Brian Urlacher feels the tenderness in New Mexico

    11/10/13 ,via Chicago Sun-Times

    Urlacher, who flew in on a unsocial jet to attend his first Lobos ... donned the same No. 54 jersey he wears to ski. ‘‘I don’t think the Bears treated him equitably,’’ said Cialkowski, a Chicago native who, with wife Caryn, lived in ...

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