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Croakies Floater Eyewear Retainer (2x) Do a moonlight flit with Koala Eyeglass Sunglass Cleaning Cloth - Red

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Croakies Floater Eyewear Retainer (2x) Do a moonlight flit with Koala Eyeglass Sunglass Cleaning Cloth - Red by Koala Lifestyle

  • Length: 17" (+ 2" Adjustment) x 1 3/4" Wide +, Fits Most Mens and...
  • Heavy Duty Durable Lycra Construction Floats Nearly All Glasses and...
  • Ends Fit Most Small to Medium-Large Eyeglasses and Sunglasses...

Product Description
Koala Lifestyle assembles our optical bundles to ensure customers receive amazing products at a killer value. This Bundle is composed of 100% authentic Croakies products (purchased directly from Croakies) and our own awesome American Made Koala Lifestyle product.

Here's what you'll receive:

2x Croakies Floating Eyewear Retainers (individually retail packaged)

1x Koala Kloth 6 x 7 Inch Optical Grade 6 x 7 Inch Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth

Here's some more information about your Croakies products:

Looking for the best accessory for your eye glass frames? Croakies Eyeglass Retainers fit around your neck and hold your glasses snugly against your head, without sliding or slipping anywhere. This Croakies Floater does what it promises - floating your eyeglasses or sunglasses safely and noticeably with its bright red color and CFF 2 flotation for all types of glasses.

If you have a modern frame with thicker temple tips (for example Oakley, some Ray Bans, Costas, and Maui Jims), the fit may be tight but should work.

Here's some more information about our Koala Kloth:

Our American Made Koala Kloth uses a technologically advanced ultra fine Japanese microfiber yarn that's extremely strong and generates no particles to stick to your glasses. The ultra dense material has incredible absorption and its honeycomb matrix design catches and holds on to surface contaminants from your lenses and screens so they get removed and stay that way. Our Koala Kloth easily cleans off oils and grime left on any lens or screen without any streaks. Great for use on eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, laptop screens, iMacs, Macbooks, iPhones, Smart Phones, and touch screens even automobile. Its extra large 6 x 7 inch size is perfect for all applications.
Sevylor 72-in. Maui SUP Spank


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Sevylor 72-in. Maui SUP Spank by Sevylor

  • Paddle LOA: 72 in.
  • Width of blade: 9 in.
  • Glass-fiber-reinforced ABS paddle blade for flexibility, strength...

Product Description
Get your paddleboard moving when you're using a Sevylor 72-in. Maui SUP Paddle. Its compact design breaks down into three pieces for easy, compact storage and transport. It's also durable. The lightweight, rigid carbon fiber shaft resists breaking, even in the waves. The glass-fiber-reinforced ABS paddle blade also offers flexibility, strength and durability.

Designed for use with the Sevylor Samoa standup paddleboard, the Sevylor Maui long-shaft paddle sports a long 72-inch shaft. It's constructed of lightweight, durable carbon and it has dual 9-inch nylon charged ABS blades as well as an ABS handle. It breaks down into three pieces for easy transport and storage.

Maui Kayaks, Snorkeling - Tom Barefoot's Tours

More news at http://www.tombarefootshawaiitoursactivities.com/product.php?id=2136&name=Olowalu_-_3_Hours This morning was one of those classic Maui mo...

  • Ben D

    Where can I lease a kayak close to Kapalua?

    I will be staying at the golf villas at Kapalua place to turn and want to go kayaking while I am there. I don't want to go the tour route, but would rather rent a two person kayak while there. Is there anywhere close to rent kayaks and if so what provisions do...

    Right the tour desk at the hotel you're staying at and ask them to refer you to the closest kayak rental agency. It's possible that the hotel has them available. Alternatively, variety Maui kayak rentals into Google...

  • Katie M

    What are some distinguished places to go and things to see in both Maui and the Big Island?

    My mate and I are going on vacation for a week in March (4 nights in Maui, and 3 nights on the Big island). We are renting a car for the whole trip and I was wondering what are some things we just cannot coed. Where are some good places to shop,...

    Aloha! I am more cognizant of with Hawai'i Island as I live here but will try to be fair... ;) I would rent a jeep rather than a car as many things are easier to access with 4WD; not inescapable just preferable though I...

  • plgtamu24

    What's the remainder between Oahu & Maui? Everyone I know and read about goes to Maui, why?

    I at the end of the day want to see the Arizona Memorial, go to the North Shore, see Waikiki, etc. on Oahu. But I don't have any friends/family who have been to Oahu, only Maui, and they rave about it. And in reading...it seems like there is much more to do on Oahu....

    Deficient rare ANSWER: Oahu and Maui are both amazing. Your friends are raving because all the Hawaiian islands are incredible, and they only know about one. It sounds to me like you want to see a lot of things on Oahu, so...

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    The Seaside Guard is seeking the public's help in identifying the owner of a kayak found adrift approximately one mile south of La Perouse Bay, Maui, Tuesday. The two-human being, Otter kayak is yellow with Old Town markings. Watchstanders at the Coast Guard 

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    November 21, 2013 I just returned from a wonderful voyage to Europe. Well, it was almost wonderful. Put it this way, it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, but I am probably never going back. more »»

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    ... Maui's unsurpassed pulchritude to the thrill of the ride and you start to get an idea of how fun it would be to jet ski in Maui. Kayaking - This is an activity that is not only environmentally friendly but will also give you a good cardio workout. Jeep ...

  • Deed Travel Hawaii: Maui's Higher Power

    11/19/13 ,via nationalgeographic.com

    Maui may not in a million years shake its reputation as Hawaii's premier beach ... and huge schools of other multihued denizens. Far less peopled and nearly as star is the snorkeling at La Perouse—a volcanic bay south of Makena that requires a 20-minute walk across ...

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