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Around Tasmania Sea Kayaking Australia: A Film by Jon Bowermaster ¶ We were drawn to Tasmania by its mysterious history and wild and rugged shores. The remote and little-known Australian island state proved to be a perfect coastline for us to explore by kayak, and we stopped along the 600-mile route to visit with fishermen and historians, sailors and aboriginals. ¶ Our exploration began in the southwest corner of the island, at Port Davey, where the weather arrives directly from Antarctica and we often experienced all four seasons in 15 minutes. Populated by just a solitary tin mining family and the occasional fishermen seeking cray and sharks, these were the wildest seas we met. Turning the southeast corner at Recherche Bay, we headed north - passing the appropriately named Adventure Bay - before rounding the magnificent Tasman Peninsula and heading up the northeast coastline. Our goal was the Furneaux group of islands, specifically Flinders Island and its close neighbors, home to mysteries of Tasmania's aboriginal history and several million muttonbirds. ¶
Waterproof Dry Bag -by SJORN with Skin Zip Pocket, Shoulder Strap, Visibility Window & Reflective Trim. Best for Keeping Gear Dry while Travelling Rafting Boating Kayaking Canoeing Camping & Hiking

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Waterproof Dry Bag -by SJORN with Skin Zip Pocket, Shoulder Strap, Visibility Window & Reflective Trim. Best for Keeping Gear Dry while Travelling Rafting Boating Kayaking Canoeing Camping & Hiking by SJORN

  • EASILY FIND YOUR GEAR: The discrete rear visibility window helps...
  • KEEP YOUR GEAR SAFE & DRY: Built to travel with you anywhere you...
  • REMOVEABLE & ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAP: Sling your dry bag over...

Product Description
SJÖRN HypaTM - The dry bag that exudes style, adventure and a practicality. Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Alive with SJÖRN!

The HypaTM super heavy duty dry bag specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions that demand toughness and abrasion resistance. It sheds water and does not crack in extreme cold.

Choose from two dry bag sizes: 12 Litre or 20 Litre. Each is waterproof with welded seams to create an air-tight container for your valuables when outdoors.


  • 500D, TPU laminated heavy duty waterproof fabric
  • Non-wicking TPU roll top closure with interlocking profile that is secure and waterproof
  • Welded construction for permanently sealed seams
  • Reflective trim around the zipper to aid visibility during low light conditions
  • Rear full length visibility window to locate your gear fast when rummaging in your bag
  • Front Splash-proof Zip Pocket measures: 9.45" x 4.72"
  • Durable UV resistant PVC free fabric withstands cold temperatures
  • High performance abrasion resistant fabric
  • Oval base to resist rolling
12L Dry Bag

A Popular choice for your small sized personal items - beach towel, wallet, keys, phone, book and light clothing or accessories:

  • Height: 20 Inches / 50 cm
  • Length: 12.6 inches / 32 cm
  • Diameter: 8.3 inches / 21 cm
  • Weight: 0.7lbs / 360g
20L Dry Bag

  • Ideal for longer excursions where you need that extra room for clothes, shoes, torch and towel

  • Rugged Carry Handle
  • Height: 24 inches / 61 cm
  • Length: 14 inches / 36 cm
  • Diameter: 9.25 inches / 23.5 cm
  • Weight: 1lbs / 470g
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How to burden a sea kayak - Expedition Sea Kayaking Australia

Purchase Field trip/Camping Equipment online, kayakshopaustralia.com.au http://www.kayakshopaustralia.com.au/expedtion-camping-equipment/ Have you completed ...

  • Aba

    Is it achievable to book trips to khao sok and phang nga in phuket a few days before you go to them?

    I'm universal to thailand in a few weeks and would like to visit Khao Sok NP and Phang Nga sea kayaking. From experience form Australia, I've found it cheaper and more efficient to book when I'm over. I just wanted to mark that it was ok to do same in...

    I just went sea kayaking for everyone Phang Nga Bay last December. We booked it when we arrived at our hotel in Krabi -- just 1 day in advance. No problem, and had a great time.

  • Haley Jade

    Is the the best quality in Clearwater FL as clear as the water in Australia water?

    Liberally in Australia is extremely clear. Me and my family are moving to Clearwater Florida in about a year and a half. I was just watching a show in Australia, and the water is reallyyyy clear. I just wanna cognizant of if Clearwater FL water is as clear as water...

    All the sea water in Australia is NOT outrageously clear. There are hundreds of miles of coastal waters along the northern shores where the water is so cloudy from sediment runoff that it is like being in drain. Freya...

  • Chuck

    What is a noble Australian travel/tour company?

    I'm planning on thriving on a trip to Australia for a week sometime in summer or fall of 2008, and am trying to find a good company to purchase a tour from. I'm cull and in my early twenties, so I'm not really looking for a family-type vacation. I'd...

    I red-hot in Aussie so personally I haven't taken and 'tours' as a 'tourist'. Google 'outback adventures' you'll get loads of responses then it's a matter of working out your starting locale. Personally if you are young...

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sea kayaking australia

sea kayaking australia

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Sea Kayaking with Spindrift offers a determination of several adventure ...

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