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No Standoffishness Baia 50 yacht b50 2013 Nada Low Retail Values $111.780.00 Deallllll
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No Standoffishness Baia 50 yacht b50 2013 Nada Low Retail Values $111.780.00 Deallllll

Baia 50 speed boat b50 cigarette baja magnum

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2012 Q1 NADA Values - Boat

Receive to our latest installment of our video blog. With Q1 under our belts, it's the perfect time to take a look back and see how performance at Manheim Sp...

  • endo

    Where do you rumble used jon boat values?

    I have an V15 Xpress jon boat from the mid nineties with a yamaha 9.9 on it and am having unrest finding what it's worth online. Anyone know where to look?

    NADA and Kelly Sad Book, may have information, but in this economy boats are going well below book value. A better gauge is the asking expenditure of similar boats on Craigslist or at local dealers. The prices on...

  • jbird35645

    Does anyone now where I can become aware of values of used boats?

    I would like to point to something like Kelley Blue Book Values, but for boats. Or does anyone know the value of a 1990 27' Stingray Cabin Cruiser? I just got one and would like to certain for insurance purposes.

    Nada guru as stated above and also the BUC books, usually found in the reference section at the library.

  • Tim

    Is the outboard the break down place to save on a boat?

    Sedately, I know that the outboard is defiantly the wrong place to save on a boat. Background of this question: I am looking to buy a 40HP 4 stroke. I have two offers for supreme deals on Yamaha F40's, $2000 for an '04 copy, $2500 for an '08 model....

    The whole shooting match mechanical being equal - I would go with the 2008 model. - 4 years newer - that's 4 years use before it is as old as the other one you are looking at. . . Here is a link to give you some perspective on...

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  • More Than 100 Boats Overcharged on Tax Bills, Assessor Says

    11/13/13 ,via The Missourian

    This year's tax tally listed the value of his boat at $3,860 when it was only $230 last year, he said. It is not a big, fancy boat but just a regular johnboat, This helps come up with a more precise value, he said. But he noted that the VIN system

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  • More Than 100 Boats Overcharged on Tax Bills, Assessor Says

    11/21/13 ,via Washington Missourian

    This helps come up with a more correct value, he said. But he noted that the VIN system is not used on boats ... “We have found a specific boat that is sold by a primary dealer that the name does not fit the description in the NADA regulations,” Copeland ...

  • Used Mechanism Prices Fall by Largest Amount in Two Years

    11/13/13 ,via Valley News Live

    October's softness dropped NADA's seasonally adjusted used channel price index to 123.8, down one point from September's figure of 124.8. Year-to-date, however, prices remain 0.5% higher than they were help of October last year. At the segment level ...

  • 2002 2002 Ranger Comanche Series 518vx Bass Boat For Trading in Lafayette - $18,000.00

    10/03/13 ,via louisianasportsman.com

    American Used Boats ... which sells boats all over the parley. AUB is now going nation wide looking for Territory Managers across the United States to mana We at Marine Resale specialize in judgement top quality boats at a fraction of NADA standards.


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SORRY, The known issue is gone.

SORRY, The known issue is gone.

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