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Outstanding example Accessories Lunex RS-1 Pedal Boat Cover, Fits Pedal Boats 112.5" L x 65" W, Advanced Water-Repellent Ripstop Configuration (Grey)

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Outstanding example Accessories Lunex RS-1 Pedal Boat Cover, Fits Pedal Boats 112.5" L x 65" W, Advanced Water-Repellent Ripstop Configuration (Grey) by Classic Accessories

  • Coated for water-repellency. Integrated storage bag included
  • Provides UV protection. Elastic cord sewn into bottom hem for a...
  • STRONG LIGHTWEIGHT COVER: If your product fails within the warranty...

Product Description
Protects pedal boats against dirt and sun damage. Perfect for off-season storage or as a quick cover. Elastic cord sewn into bottom hem for a quick and secure fit.
Product Description
The beauty of this book is that the construction bugs have already been worked out of the designs. Plans, step-by-step building instructions, materials lists, clear photographs, and detailed diagrams are included; every boat was built before the plans and instructions were published. Many, like the Cartopper, the Flat-Bootomed Skiff, the Caps Charles, and the Wee Lassie, have been built by the hundreds. Follow the building process of ten different designs: a Herreshoff Daysailer, a Lapstrake Plywood Runabout, a Norwegian Pram, a Strip-Built Double-Paddle Canoe, a Cold-Molded Dinghy, a Bareau, and a Double-Paddle Lapstrake Sailing Canoe.

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You can see more report and also purchase this boat at http://shop.bkboatnsleds.com/Sun_Dolphin_Electric_p/sundolph.htm.

  • rockemsockem

    How much are boat rentals on Toronto Islands?

    I need to rent a canoe on Centre Island in Toronto, and after spending almost half an hour trying to find out what is required (I.D., some tidy up of water certification, etc.) I can't locate it anywhere online. Does anyone know off-hand what the...

    I could not understand any boat rentals on Toronto Islands, I only found bicycle rentals. One boat rental that I did find is on the Toronto shoreline directly across from Toronto Islands. They have a 16 foot fiberglass...

  • STEVE-0

    How much would a boat go on a bender job cost?

    I have a 19ft boat and necessitate to get it re-painted a nice white like most brand new boats and get a blue stripe on as well. Thanks for the advice

    Not unexpectedly for $500 you might get about 6-8 hours of my time. Materials and costs on top of that. The full cost will be based on time and materials, plus taxes - and that is a problematic quantity based on the prep...

  • How much does it bring in for a weekend trip to Catalina Island?

    I'm planning a weekend stagger for me and my wife at Catalina Island. I would like to get an ideal price of a weekend trip there?

    Tickets on the boat... $95 Caravanserai?.... $80/night Paddle Boating, Lunch, and a Golf Cart?... $190 A great weekend with the girl you love? Priceless. ... But still an dear weekend. Hahaha

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  • Pecker would remove ban on Yellowstone river paddling

    11/25/13 ,via Yellowstone Gate

    Boating in both parks requires buying a permit. In Revered Teton, hand-propelled vessels may be used on Jackson, Jenny, Phelps, Emma Matilda, Two Plethora, Taggart, Bradley, Bearpaw, Leigh, and String Lakes and on the Snake River. All other park waters 

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