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Ageless Accessories Lunex RS-1 Pedal Boat Cover, Fits Pedal Boats 112.5" L x 65" W, Advanced Water-Repellent Ripstop Fabric (Wise)


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Ageless Accessories Lunex RS-1 Pedal Boat Cover, Fits Pedal Boats 112.5" L x 65" W, Advanced Water-Repellent Ripstop Fabric (Wise) by Classic Accessories

  • STRONG LIGHTWEIGHT COVER: If your product fails within the warranty...
  • MARINE GRADE BOATING ACCESSORIES: Lunex ripstop is an advanced,...
  • BOAT ACCESSORIES: Perfect for off-season storage or as a quick...

Product Description
Protects pedal boats against dirt and sun damage. Perfect for off-season storage or as a quick cover. Elastic cord sewn into bottom hem for a quick and secure fit.
Dallas Manufacturing Co. Pedal Boat Polyester Command conceal

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Dallas Manufacturing Co. Pedal Boat Polyester Command conceal by Dallas Manufacturing Co.
Product Description
BC13411 Features: -150 denier silver polyester material. -Fits both 3 and 5 person pedal boats. Product Type: -Cover. Boat Type: -Pedal. Color: -Grey. Length: -6-10ft. Fabric: -150-denier polyester. -Boat cover is water resistant.

Paddle (Pedal) Boat Cook up and First Testing

It took 3 months to get to this moment from buying to putting it in the water due to my work schedule and not having weekends off but it was worth it.

  • Micaela

    How can I do my paddle boat drive on land?

    I yearn for to attach wheels to my paddle boat so that I will be able to drive it on land. I want to use the pedals on the boat as the power soure, but I also want to know how I can steer the paddle boat either using the character controls or something that...

    I forsee some welding needed..can you commissure

  • dja_vu

    How can we calm a noisy paddleboat?

    The pedals are boisterous on our paddle boat now. Does anyone know why this happens? This is the 2nd one it's happened to. I just want a quiet ride again. Is there any way to quiet them? Thanks Do all paddle boats have chains? If so, how do you get to them?...

    grease the restraint

  • thewoz

    what sort of grease do i use on a paddle-boat?

    i just got a occupied paddle-boat from a neighbor. needless to say it was a little neglected, and the pedals are rusted. i cleaned it all out, but i noticed there was some grease, or lubricant on the inside of the pedals that rubbed on the post. i have no...

    Any sea grease should work fine like 2-4-C Marine Lubricant with Teflon.

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Pedal boat warnings
"Lustfully pedaling can cause rapid tiring of legs."
Photo by pcorreia on Flickr