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The perfect solution for the recreational Laser owner or sailing program needing a one step solution for replacing control lines. Designed to fit all pre-2001 Lasers with the older Vang/Cunningham/Outhaul rigging. Our custom made kit includes premium Novabraid rope and shock cords color coded for easy installation.
Nautos-LASER PARTS-# 95400-42" TILLER Ell - Sailboat hardware
Nautos-LASER PARTS-# 95400-42" TILLER Ell - Sailboat hardware by Nautos

  • Laser part
  • No screws or rivets included

Product Description
Tiller Extension 1067mm

Rigging a Laser Sailboat

This is the rigging setup I use for racing. The video shows a laser radial, but the same setup is acquainted with for a full size rig, just with a different mast top se...

  • Erik

    How do I sequence the halyard of a laser sailboat if the rope comes out completely?

    I drudgery at a summer camp and on one of the sailboats the halyard (the rope that pulls up the sail) came completely out of the mast. It's a laser sailboat. I need to know how to rethread the persuade through the mast. Please help, we just got the boat...

    You necessity to be able to stand the mast vertically, and get above it. Not easy, unless you have a 2 or 3 storey building with an opening window. Or a sailing ally with a good high balconey. You need a weight in order...

  • mellowfe

    could I cruise from jacksonville florida to miami in a laser sailboat?

    After I graduate college since i have all together off I've been thinking of sailing from Jacksonville Florida to Miami and maybe even continuing on to Pensacola, doing the whole coast of Florida. I have a small laser pattern sailboat and what to try to get info...

    The Laser sailboat is mainly classified as a 'Day Sailor', which means it is meant to be sailed ONLY during the day. You could, theoretically sail it up the Florida coast, but unless you attached running lights...

  • Mary

    how can I convert my dad's laser sailboat into a sea rover ship?

    my dad gave me his laser sailboat which my cousin and I neediness to make into a pirate ship. Is there any kind of black adhesive that I could cut into a skull and crossbones and stick on the white sail. I don't want to breakdown the sail because it is in really...

    My my lassie, appears your just a fledgling wantabe pirate! Afore you start raising cane on the local waters may I suggest you get some bandanas for your heads, a bailiwick for your eye, and a BIG water cannon or gun....

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  • WetaFest: Keeping it fun, keeping it genuine

    11/17/13 ,via Scuttlebutt Sailing News

    Those competing in this more important part of the regatta will include former Olympian Jon Bilger, national and world 18ft skiff champion Chris Larder and Powrie, a Laser Radial national champion (and sister of Olympic gold medallist Polly Powrie

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  • Drift-World Boat Test: Flying the fabulous Weta

    11/25/13 ,via Sail World

    'Venetian blinding in a Weta - she is remarkably end winded in this mode - Weta Boat test - May 2010' . Click Here to view large photo Sail-World's Richard Gladwell evaluation drives the Weta trimaran off Auckland's Takapuna Beach, and gives his impression of ...

  • Fiber optic sensors set float

    11/17/13 ,via Photonics.com

    Such a technique is designed to measure in real time the oceanic forces that act on hulls, masts and sails. The process for optimizing the yachts for high dart on the open seas has been ongoing. Still, yacht racers see the need for improvement: Only one of ...

  • Olympic Sailing Basics

    11/12/13 ,via Suite101.com

    The only differences are a smaller navigate area and a more flexible lower mast. The Laser is a world renowned one-man racing sailboat. Bruce Kirby designed the Laser in 1969 and it caught feeling with recreational sailing enthusiasts. A modest price ...

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Went sailing today
Took my RC Laser out for a skim today on the Erie Canal behind the house here in Fairport, NY. The water is not all the way back to normal summer height, but it has been full enough to sail this winter when...
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