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York Wallcoverings AC6136 Yachting Living Sailboat Wallpaper, Blueprint Blue/White


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York Wallcoverings AC6136 Yachting Living Sailboat Wallpaper, Blueprint Blue/White by York Wallcoverings

  • Easy to follow instructions included in each roll.
  • Prepasted, Washable, Strippable
  • Made in the USA

Product Description
This wallpaper depicts sailboats running the waves or at anchor in a cozy cove. You can almost smell the salty scent of the sea. The drawings are perfect for the oceangoing soul or the landlocked sailor. This pattern partners beautifully with Pinstripe or Anchor Spot.
Lighthouse and Sailboats Sailing Wallpaper Herbaceous border

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Lighthouse and Sailboats Sailing Wallpaper Herbaceous border by Brownstone

  • Prepasted Wallpaper Border - 15 Foot Long Spools
  • 9 Inches Wide - Washable, Strippable
  • Lighthouse Wallpaper Border - with Sailboats on a shelf.

Product Description
Lighthouses and sailboat collectables on a shelf. Prepasted Wallpaper Border, 15 foot long spools.

Trifling Sailboat HD Live Wallpapers for android free

Reconsider on Samsung galaxy S3 Link to download: http://livewallpapershd.net/aircraft/93-small-sailboat-hd-live-wallpapers.html Cool new unfetter android live wallp...

  • Maryfrances

    Where is the atoll on the desktop wallpaper?

    I'm unflinching you've seen it--this tiny island with three coconut trees, surrounded by the most beautiful crystal-blue water, with a sailboat off to the left (as per usual covered up with icons). (When we get rich, we want to visit there.) There's neither an...

    I rely upon this island is just offshore of Tortolla, British Virgin Islands. Check the BVI websites.

  • Mi

    How can I fix a woman/pirate bedrooom?

    I'm a 15 year old maiden.. I love pirate movies, pirate books and everything about pirates. I love the sea and lighthouse's and ships. I want a more personally space. My room has red and white striped wallpaper, a bookshelf, a closet, one white wall with...

    Try grabbing a ton of accessories and working with them. Here are some suggestions: Infringer 1. Rugs with pirate or sea-faring themes such as treasure maps, islands, or sailing ships 2. Hammock or indoor entice swing...

  • Sarah White

    how can i suppress ugly wallpaper without damaging anything?

    i just moved in and i got the surpass bedroom it has these built in shelves that i love but then on one side of the room its this sail boat and strip wallpaper and im fine with the sailboats but the other half of the obstacle is this ugly green stripes...

    just peel it off slowly. and thats the trend about wallpaper, it is probably going to damge your wall. you could try to paint over it but eventually the wallpaper will peel off, taking the paint with it, and it prob...

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  • 2010 Subject Geographic Photography Contest Wallpaper Week 1

    The incomparable wave patterns cause by the boat and oars were stunning ... See our best new photos and wallpaper. Plus: Your Shot updates and publication features.

  • 2011 2012 2013 Monterey 244 FSX

    11/25/13 ,via Guide Auto

    This is the skiff you've been waiting for. Become one of the elite captains of the 244FS Sport Boat and immerse yourself in features such as backlit Faria gauges with stainless blade bezels in the helm, spacious seating, ample storage and a large sun deck ...

  • 2011 2012 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i

    11/18/13 ,via Guide Auto

    and you will rate the space, natural lighting and comfortable atmosphere of a large sailboat. On the interior, thoughtful design and high-quality materials loan both tranquillity and warmth to this beautiful sailboat.

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