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Windrider 17' Trimaran Sailboat, extraordinary condition, tons of extras
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Windrider 17' Trimaran Sailboat, extraordinary condition, tons of extras

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Pro-built Fiberglass/froth core Trimaran in Maine
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Pro-built Fiberglass/froth core Trimaran in Maine

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Praise for Your First Sailboat

"Here's a book for first-time sailboat buyers that offers practical information they can really use to ease the transition to boat ownership. The buying guide to 84 of the more popular used sailboats will be particularly helpful when making the rounds at the boatyard." -- Cruising World

"Spurr strikes just the right balance in this book of logic, education, and humor, without ever talking down to the reader." -- Latitude 38

"Have fun. Save time. Save money. This book omits everything you don’t need to know." -- Great Lakes Boating

  • Can a keelboat tip over?
  • How can I determine what boat I want?
  • Once I do, what's a fair price to pay for it?
  • Should I buy it new or used?
  • How can I tell the difference between a used boat and one that's used up?
  • Now that I have it, how can I start sailing quickly and safely?

Your First Sailboat has answers to all your questions about selecting, buying, maintaining, and using your first boat. This user-friendly guide covers issues that other books ignore, including how to choose between a trailer sailer, daysailer, raceboat, cruiser, or multihull; what hull material is best for your first boat; whether to buy new or used; where to shop; how to judge quality and condition; where to keep your new boat; and what to do about gear, loans, insurance, and annual maintenance. Special features of this second edition include:

  • An up-to-date descriptive buying guide to 84 recommended sailboats of all types and sizes, from daysailers to racers, cruisers, and multihulls
  • How-Do-I? sections that cover boat handling, maintenance, and navigation
  • What-If? segments that cover a variety of worst-case scenarios that you may worry about--from getting lost, to sinking, and when to look for the next sailboat!

Straightforward and fun, Your First Sailboat gives you just what you need to stop asking questions and start sailing.

Product Description
Issue complete. Contents 2nd scan. Some handling wear. Dimensions given, if any, are approximate. VG or better condition. Defects not visible in scan[s] are described.

BartsGoPro - A WindRider Day - WindRider 17 Trimaran Sailing at Anna Maria Cay Florida - GoPro

A WindRider Day - Trimaran sailing in a WindRider 17 This was my key ride in a WindRider 17. The journey began in Bimini Bay, on the back side of Anna Mari...

  • Dan A

    What is a skilled trimaran sailboat for a beginner with no previous sailing experience?

    Is there a trimaran sailboat out there that a beginner could start out with and still benefit once they gain more experience?

    The accomplished tri's are not recommended for the beginner. The poorer ones you would not want after you learned to sail. Take some sailing lessons on a Sunfish where you can learn the ways of the apprehensive around and waves(and...

  • Bill X

    What would be a upright sailboat for single-handed world cruising?

    What would be a salubrious sailboat for single-handed world cruising? Something around 28 to 36 feet.

    On a low budget, the Albin Vega and the Contessa 26 would be satisfactory. There are also plenty of Asian built cruisers from the 70s and 80s like the Cheoy Lee 30 and Baba 30 out there. If you've got lots of money to...

  • grumpish

    What is the most appropriate and most inexpensive used shallow water cruising sailboat?

    I'm looking for a multi-day sailer that I can drug in less than 4 feet of water. I like the Shannon Shoalwater, but the price is way to high and the owners must be so happy with them you seldom find one on the superstore and when you do, the price is near...

    Most sailboats are incomprehensible draft due to their keel depth. The keel helps keep the sailboat from flipping over in the wind. The most common alternative to dark keels are a shallower hull in combination with a moveable...

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  • WetaFest: Keeping it fun, keeping it loyal

    11/17/13 ,via Scuttlebutt Sailing News

    Developed by Roger Pantry and son Chris in their Campbells Bay garage nearly 10 years ago, the Weta is a Kiwi success story, with well over 900 of the 4.4m trimaran sailing dinghies in use in more than 30 countries. France and the In harmony States, 

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  • Trimaran Canvas And Snorkel - $55

    11/20/13 ,via thisiscozumel.com

    If you're looking for a set sail and snorkel break that's different from the rest, then this unique trip to 2 fantastic reefs is for you. The original 3 hull trimaran is more spacious and stable than multitudinous other island boats, ensuring a soft ride and ...

  • Absurdity - Occasion

    11/20/13 ,via multihulls-world.com

    One of the most solitary sailboats launched in the past five years. Paradox is a cruiser / racer trimaran designed by the legendary design team of Irens / Show and constructed in carbon epoxy by Marsaudon Composites in Brittany. Built using the moulds of ...

  • The New Trimaran TNT 34

    11/20/13 ,via Sailing World

    We called our “The New Trimaran” or TNT on intend ... Final speed prediction and polar diagram will be published shortly. We expect first few boats to be sold under MRSP 199,000 Euros finish with rotating mast (mast folding included) and sails.

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