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010-01142-00 Garmin GNX20 Way Display NMEA 2000 Compatibile
010-01142-00 Garmin GNX20 Way Display NMEA 2000 Compatibile by Garmin

  • Display type/color: Standard LCD#44; monochrome
  • Display size (diagonal): 4.0quot; (10.16 cm)
  • Weight: 230 g (8 oz)

Product Description
The easy-to-read GNX 20 marine instrument display with black digits on a white or color background clearly shows depth#44; speed#44; wind and 50-plus marine and boat parameters. Its glass-bonded display with anti-glare lens coating provides excellent daytime and nighttime readability with high-contrast digits scalable up to 36 mm. The GNX 20 is the first glass-bonded marine instrument with a combination of directly driven LCD segments and a dot-matrix field to display graphical information. Its low power consumption - (25 mA) with 350 mW (no backlight)/400 mW (mid-level backlight) - is perfect for use on sailboats#44; and provides a valuable instrument for cruising and fishing. Fully user profiles display wind#44; depth and speed data. Plus#44; the GNX 20 includes an auto-scroll feature that rotates through data screens for hands-free operation. It can be installed with the included low profile flush mount or an optional flat mount for the ultimate glass helm solution and custom look for your boat. Easy-to-read Display Unique high-contrast hybrid display features large#44; easy-to-read digits scalable up to 36 mm tall. Offers excellent clarity in direct sunlight#44; at dusk#44; or at night. The dot-matrix section can show additional details and/or graphical information. Glass-bonded Display Glass-bonded display helps prevent fogging#44; and the anti-glare lens finish increases visibility. Customizable Color Background Choose from 7 different backlight colors#44; or even create a customized color#44; to achieve the screen that provides optimum readability for you. Customizable User Profiles Fully customizable user profiles allow you to choose from 5 available display configurations for sailboat or powerboat user-profiles: single#44; dual and triple function#44; plus gauge and graph mode to display wind#44; depth and speed data#44; or customize the pages to display the marine and boat data that is most important to you. Auto Scroll Set your display to automatically

Beating upwind, New York Harbor on a hunter 25 sailboat

Genial little sail in my 1981 Hunter 25, went from the statue of liberty out past the verazano bridge, circumnavigated Swinburne and Hoffman islands and came b...

  • lancelot

    can anyone learn to steer a boat ?

    i about i would like to learn to sail , is it somthing i can do full time? say maybe a lifestyle?

    Yes, you can learn to steer. I first got hooked on sailing over 20 years ago when a friend took me out on his 28' Lancer over to Catalina Island. I was hooked!!!! The next day I started the 19 week U.S. Glide Gurad...

Prosecutors: No corroboration for new trial for Ohio judge - USA TODAY

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