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AIRHEAD AHSR-3, 3-Cross-section Water Ski Rope with Radius Handle and EVA Grip

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AIRHEAD AHSR-3, 3-Cross-section Water Ski Rope with Radius Handle and EVA Grip by Airhead

  • 17 Degree, 13-Inch radius aluminum core handle
  • Amoeba patterned EVA wraps the handle
  • 3 Sections for skiing, wake boarding, or knee boarding at 75, 60,...

Product Description
AIRHEAD® 3 Section Radius Handle Ski Rope - Ski longer, harder and stronger with less muscle fatigue. The 17 degree, 13 inch radius aluminum core handle offers a more natural grip. Eye-catching ¿amoeba¿ patterned EVA wraps the handle and provides a great grip. The 3/8 inch, 16 strand, UV treated mainline has 3 sections for skiing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding at 75, 60 or 45 feet. Full length finger guards help create a comfortable split finger grip. The encased crossover yoke protects the rope from high abrasion wear areas. A Rope Keeper is included for tangle free storage.
CIPA 02000 COMP All-embracing 7" x 14" Marine Mirror


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CIPA 02000 COMP All-embracing 7" x 14" Marine Mirror by CIPA

  • Ball and socket tension adjustment knob keeps it where you position it
  • 7 x 14 inch mirror head
  • Universal mount for round or square windshields

Product Description
CIPA's COMP Universal Marine Mirror was designed with competition water skiing in mind. With a 7 x 14 inch convex mirror face, the captain is sure to see the skier perform all of the tricks, and of course, all of the wipe outs too. The COMP Universal Marine Mirror features a ball and socket tension adjustment knob to keep the mirror where it’s positioned. The universal bracket will mount to rectangular or rounded windshield frames from 0.375 to 1.25 inches thick. When it comes to water sports, being safe is just as important as having fun.

Water Sports : How to Mean a Ski Boat

To indicate a ski boat, get acquainted with its safety features, turn the ignition and always be conscious of the location of the skier and rope. Drive a ski bo...

  • Pug Lover

    Can I legally ask the ex to get a pension room for the kids instead of driving at 1130pm through desert w/ boat?

    I am divorced and the infant are 11 & 7. They were to leave the river house hours ago. They left way too late and now they have 3 hours to go through the desert towing the water ski boat. Do I have any sound grounds to not allow this to happen again?...

    ask your King's counsel.

  • Sam_S

    Where to have margin and water activities in Venice, Italy?

    I am planning a unsettle to Venice on April, with my wife, where we can enjoy the lovely old city. I the other hand, we would like to just relax on the beach of Venice and do beach activities; bicycles, water jet ski, boating, seaside bar ... and so on... I...

    Hi, if I have to be reliable it's very difficult to find proper beaches in Venice and anyway the water is very dirty...I would never have a bath in that water!!! Perhaps you can go to Jesolo which is very close to...

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NSW Maritime Boating Shelter Officer assists a water-ski boat.
NSW Maritime Boating Protection Officer assists a water-ski boat crew on the Murray River.
Photo by Maritime (RMS) on Flickr