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Intex 48"-96" Kayak Paddles / Boat Oars - (Set of 2 Pairs) | 69627E
Intex 48"-96" Kayak Paddles / Boat Oars - (Set of 2 Pairs) | 69627E by INTEX

  • Can be combined to make a 96" kayak paddle
  • Lightweight aluminum makes rowing and transportation easier
  • Ribbed blades provide better control

Product Description
Intex Kayak Paddle / Boat Oars - (Set of 2 Pairs) This three-piece oar set (each) from Intex can be combined to make a 96" kayak paddle or used separately as 48" boat oars! The lightweight and durable aluminum shaft offers better control and requires less energy. Great for Intex inflatable boats with oar locks! Save time and money with this convenient package offer!
Bullnose Rudder Fastener On Rudder Kit for 24-55 Thrust Trolling Motors: Accessory for Pedal Boats, Pontoons, Kayaks, or Canoes

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Bullnose Rudder Fastener On Rudder Kit for 24-55 Thrust Trolling Motors: Accessory for Pedal Boats, Pontoons, Kayaks, or Canoes by Bullnose Products

  • UNIVERSAL MOUNT to most electric trolling motors (24 to 55 Thrust)
  • MADE IN USA: manufactured from impact plastic for durability
  • MORE CONTROL: turns easily when steering and give better control in...

Product Description
Bullnose Rudder is a clamp-on Rudder that fits most electric trolling motors (24 to 55 Thrust) used for small boats, pontoons, kayaks or canoes. This Rudder gives you better control of your watercraft in most weather conditions including wind. It turns easily when steering, and it enables you to drive the craft even while fishing. The Rudder is made up of impact plastic for durability, and holds stainless steels screws for fresh or salt water boating. This Rudder is made to last for a long time! Installation is a breeze, just tighten the rudder onto the base of the motor, and you're ready to go! You can even attach it with the short end down (upside down) for shorter motors. Be sure to visit our Youtube Channel - Bullnose Products - to view videos on this product, and others to clearly see how they work.

Boat Oars For Rowing to Rafting w/ a Kayak or Canoe Row Boats & Inflatable Bank Toy Water Rafts

Boat oars for mark-down come in different styles, shapes, sizes and materials. From wooden oars for canoe and row boat rowing to plastic ones for inflatable kayak...

  • ChadC

    What is the sensible way to use plastic oars on a tiny boat?

    I have a secondary raft boat and oars. Are their any websites that demonstrate how to properly use them?

    Go on YouTube. There should be some videos on how to row.

  • Panda

    What are the boat rules at Lake Mead in Boulder Big apple Nevada for small inflatable/non motorized rafts?

    My friends and I have a 6-8' fancy raft that we wanted to use on the lake. It is not motorized and has oars. We were curious as to what the rules and regulations are. All we plan on doing is rowing it out and swimming, using the boat to hold water...

    I'm not satisfied what the actual regs are, but I doubt that anyone will hassle you for using your raft. Its small enough that I doubt that it would need to be registered or anything. You can ask a ranger when you pay...

  • daven c

    i essential to know help figurin out what some things do in elder scrolls 4 oblivion for ps3?

    here are some of my questions. i see row boats and ihave seen oars in the design but i dont know if you can use those boats and oars be used. now iv seen tools like pitch axes and scythes and brooms but you can equip them and i was wondering if you can...

    Most of that swill is just there to make the game fill out. It is called "clutter" and is useless. Black Soul Gems are Soul Gems that can capture a humanoid energy. Even Grand Soul Gems cannot capture the soul of...

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Two Eagle River eyes postseason, picks up steam on hardwood - Valleyjournal

5: Brandis Jordan Baleful , 20, pleaded not guilty to partner or family member assault, causing bodily injury to partner or relatives member. PABLO – There’s one thing you can say about the Eagles: when their feet hit the floor, opponents better learn to fly if they want to keep up with one of the fastest playing teams out there. Under the thumb of co-coaches Jami Hanson and Rollie Sullivan and with the domestics of assistant Artie Mendoza, the Eagles have made an impact on the Class C high school maple, with break out performances launching the Eagles into practicable contention come Districts. Eagle senior Alex Quequesah has proven to be one of those “breaking out,” taking the second half of the age by storm and putting up points for the Eagles while on a mission to lead his team to victory. “Alex is doing a great job being a leader on the baffle,” Hanson said. “He’s really doing a good job managing the game for us. ”. With the adopted name of The Governor, given to him by Coach Sullivan, Quequesah is living up to his operation role among his teammates. Also making an impression on Hanson are Issaiah Mathias, Chino Lira, Eugene Parker and Josiah Whitworth who, according to Hanson, are “doing a able job” as well while Julian Cutfinger has added some leverage on the court posting good numbers under the net. Friday Cutfinger did just that, “posted numbers,” as he hit five from the three feature territory logging a team-high 24 points to lead Two Eagle River to a triple-digit superiority over St. Regis. With Eagle hometown fans making noise in the stands, a 20 point lead going into half era fueled the Eagles to stay ahead, ending with the 101-88 14-C victory. Along with Cutfinger, four other Eagles joined the 10-increased by club, including Lira with 20, Quequesah with 18, Parker scored 17 and Whitworth netted 10. In a thorny bout in Superior Saturday the Eagles posted a split for the week after taking a hit from the Bobcats, going home with the 57-69... Quequesah netted 19 overall to prospect the Eagles in the book while Lira added 10. With Districts only two weeks away the Eagles are working out the kinks to smooth the way for a reassuring top-three placing with an invitation to step up to the Divisional Tournament, just missed last year as Two Eagle... Hanson believes his Eagles have made some unforgivable progress since the beginning of the year and though the Eagles have been hanging out in the middle of the conference boat with a 5-6 league record, they are in perfect position to take the oars and row themselves into a championship struggle at the... “Two Eagle basketball is District basketball,” Hanson said. He knows the Eagles are hungry to win with fan support stoking their fervour. “The kids really come to play and hopefully we’ll get the crowds there too for the kids,” he said. And for his kids Hanson has a few words – “Just go out there and misuse,” he said. Two Eagle River will wrap up their regular season play with a game against undefeated Warriors in Arlee Saturday before heading into Locale play held in Pablo at the Joe McDonald Fitness Center Feb. Two Eagle River 20 27 20 34 – 101. St. Regis 10 17 25 36 – 88. Julian Cutfinger 24, Chino Lira 20, Alex Quequesah 18, Eugene Parker 17, Josiah Whitworth 10, Dante. Source: www.valleyjournal.net

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  • 'The Cartographer of No Man's Come to rest,' by PS Duffy, a compelling novel of World ...

    11/25/13 ,via Washington Post

    The book is one of lifelines: a rope, a mast, a hand, an oar, the North Star and a deep understanding of navigation. Angus MacGrath, a painter who is also the skilled skipper of a small boat on the Atlantic coast, is caught between his desire to

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  • Substitute Cross Creek Park boat launch moves forward

    11/21/13 ,via Observer-Reporter

    The delineate Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has approved Washington County’s request to construct a second boat launch at Cross Inlet County Park, this one on the Route 844 side of the lake near West Middletown. Lisa Cessna, director of ...

  • Errant Oars

    11/25/13 ,via harvardmagazine.com

    Upon their proof of purchase Mr. Watson installed the oars in the Newell Boat House tank room along with a bronze plaque.” It reads: Philanthropist, and Benefactor to Harvard. These oars used by Mr. Littauer in 1875 and 1877 Littauer (1859-1944) manufactured ...

  • Observe a Pharaoh's Boat

    11/23/13 ,via pbs.org

    Each of the Khufu boat's 12 oars was carved from a unique piece of wood ... were ceremonial: They were used for journeys to sacred sites and by the gods. As can just be made out here, in the ship's prow stood a right hand, wood-framed canopy.

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