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This book is about fixing up old boats made of wood. For many people, a boat isn't a boat unless it's made of wood. The psychological and philosophical reasons for needing to own a boat made from honest trees instead of the material that L. Francis Herreshoff characterized as "frozen snot" needn't concern us. But in this day and age, hard-nosed economics and the ubiquitous bottom line certainly should.

FACT: You can buy a repairable wooden boat and renovate and remodel it for a lot less money than you can buy and renovate a plastic or metal of similar size and condition.

Jim Trefethen has renovated dozens of good old wooden boats, and in this book he's sharing his collected wisdom, craftsmanship, and penury with you. It will supply you with the basic skills you'll need to successfully renovate an old wooden boat--any old wooden boat, from a 16-foot canoe to a 50-foot cruiser, and everything in between--provided the boat actually is repairable (and you'll learn how to determine that, too). After you've read Wooden Boat Renovation, we hope you come away knowing what is possible and how to accomplish it. Then we hope you actually do it.

Amazon.com Review
Whether you own a wooden boat or are just toying with the idea of buying one, Wooden Boat Renovation is an essential addition to your nautical library. Author Jim Trefethen offers clear, detailed advice--in terms a layperson can understand--on how to select, renovate, and maintain a wooden boat. Trefethen's love of these craft is evident throughout the book, and his sense of humor enlivens the text. As one Amazon.com customer says, "A well-made, classic wooden boat is really a piece of art that just happens to float." Wooden Boat Renovation can help you become an artist. --M. Stein
3D sailboat DIY Wooden Jigsaw Problem Toy or Hobby Decorative Merchant Ship Boat Model Gift by STONG

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3D sailboat DIY Wooden Jigsaw Problem Toy or Hobby Decorative Merchant Ship Boat Model Gift by STONG by STONG

  • As a gift for friends as a home decoration.
  • Natural wood -Color can stimulate your Children's imagination and...
  • Measures 30x9x40cm when assembled.

Product Description
attractive puzzle
1.This attractive puzzle, will help you exercise your spatial thinking and hand dexterity while offering hours of fun as you figure out how to put together these pieces of plywood to form a beautiful rolling locomotive model worthy of display on your desk or bookshelf.
2.Carefully push the pieces out of the board with your fingers, sand if necessary, put together by following a hint diagram (a drop of glue might be useful here and there, though not necessary), and the puzzle is assembled!
3.You can stain it, paint it, or leave the wood unfinished, either way it would make an attractive keepsake.
4.Exciting and educational, this puzzle would make a cute gift for anyone: your significant other, Children,friend, parent, or a coworker!

Tight Wooden Boat Plans - Boat Building Plans and Kits Do It Yourself

Website - http://seolinkmonstera.com/article/Wooden-Sailing-yacht-Plans - Download Small Wooden Boat building Plans - Learn how to build a boat yourself with these su...

  • Jadax

    What is a competent plywood airtight adhesive?

    My fellow-countryman and a friend are building a boat (or trying to, anyway) and we need a way to make the outside of the boat where pieces of plywood meet airtight/waterproof. We are already $50 over budget and necessity a cheap solution that will keep water from...

    Here is a relation you need to look at to decide which is the best adhesive for wooden boat building. http://www.diy-wood-boat.com/Glue.html But James is aright. Basically if you are not using marine grade plywood (...

  • Asuka

    Can fish energetic with only an air stone and no filter?

    If a colander is on an established 10 gallon tank stopped working and no other can be bought for 3 weeks, can I have only an air stone or should I absolutely build a DIY spnge percolate? I thought an air stone could work if I did regular water changes? I...

    Depends unequivocally on the fish in question and the stocking levels of your tank. More heavily stocked tanks with larger fish NEED that circulation and filtration on a automatic, chemical, and biological nature....

How a people of five live comfortably on a barge - Telegraph.co.uk

Raising three children on a vessel in the middle of a city sounds like madness, conjuring visions of cramped, noisy chaos. Yet when you step down the companionway of Anne Beim’s barge in Copenhagen it hurriedly doesn’t seem like such a crazy idea: all is calm, cosy and stylish – the apex of aspirational urban living, in low-down. Beim’s training in architecture (she is now a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts ) is apparent in the abundance of conniving details that make the barge a practical home. “It’s a bit of a paradox that my husband would choose to live on a boat given his job, but when the urge hits us before you can say 'Jack Robinson' in a while to try living in a more conventional way it always fizzles out when we return home to our boat,” Beim says. ” But by “this” she means the old steel barge itself less than its leafy location on Christianshavn canal in the north of the city. Since buying the former freight boat in 1989 they have had three abundant moorings, settling on the current site two years ago as Nybo Rasmussen’s studio is nearby. “We love the area because of the community liveliness on the harbour,” Beim says of the many creative businesses that have sprung up along the waterfront in recent years. Coincidently, although just 10 of these barges were made in 1926, another of the three that residue is now moored just a few slips down the canal, having been repurposed as the hip headquarters of an advertising agency. Beim has given the same 990sq ft while a radically different revamp, transforming it into a family home for five, including the couple’s three children (Otto, 20, Astrid, 23, and Theo, 11), as calmly as Louis the dog. The largely open-plan space has been subtly zoned for different uses without enclosing any areas that don’t coerce privacy, and Beim aimed to keep the interior as simple as possible. When they viewed the barge for the first time it was in use as a wood workshop and the body had been gutted and sandblasted, revealing “the naked shell”, so everything had to be done from scratch. “There are no easy-fix solutions or units you can pick up at your village DIY shop when it comes to this kind of thing,” Beim says. Fortunately, Nybo Rasmussen is an adept DIYer and was expert to do much of the work himself, including laying floors, constructing walls and building the kitchen. The barge also needed to be well insulated, and cautious cylindrical electric radiators now run the length of the barge, adding to the warm fug of the more traditional Bekkasin stove, which sits in the mid-section of the space. Throughout the transformation the couple sought to stay true to the barge’s character without adding any whimsical nautical touches. “This was a working craft for most of its life and we always wanted it to look like a barge rather than a home on the water,” Beim says. As the vile of the barge is narrower than the body, many of the storage units have been wall hung, keeping the floor clear and adding to the sagacity of space. White walls and ceilings, pale wooden floors and a bank of skylights also make the interior feel larger than it is. “It’s not the natural footprint that matters but the experience of the space itself,” says Beim, who can’t see herself moving out of her unusual home. Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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