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The Ocean Model Builder's Assistant
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Indispensable for the serious model builder, this book offers hobbyists a true understanding of the masting, rigging, and most important fittings of American clipper ships and packet ships of the Great Age of Sail. It also represents a treasury of important information for naval and social historians, sailing enthusiasts, and students of Americana. Enhanced with over 270 clear, detailed drawings of ships' components, this volume gives the model builder a deep understanding of the workings of a fully rigged and appointed sailing ship.
After initial chapters on varying types of ship models, including the built-up model and wooden-sail models, the author devotes individual chapters to the masting of ships, mastheads, the standing rigging, the running rigging, foot-ropes, the blocks, steering wheels, the ship's galley, pumps, ship ironwork, copper sheathing, the ground tackle, gun ports, boats, and davits. He includes as well invaluable tables and lists of data that offer opportunities to compare vital statistics on rigging, masting, and more.
Charles G. Davis was a well-known naval architect, shipbuilder, master seaman, racing yachtsman, and nautical chronicler. His lifelong love affair with the great ships of the past resulted in several classic works on ships and ship model building. The present volume is one of the latter, an extremely thorough, practical, and readable guide to building ship models in authentic detail and in proper proportion. In all, The Ship Model Builder's Assistant offers a treasury of both descriptive and "how-to" information essential to model builders and highly enlightening for all fascinated by the great sailing ships of America's past.  
Product Description
First published in 1768, this remarkable collection of sophisticated line drawings offers a fascinating look at the maritime world of the eighteenth century, documenting merchant and naval ships from various countries. Seventy detailed illustrations chart vessel dimensions, crew size, storage capabilities, and manner of rigging for packet ships, pleasure boats, privateers, frigates, and other ships.
Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (1721–1808) was a naval architect, a vice-admiral in the Swedish navy, and the author of several books on shipbuilding. This volume constitutes an indispensable treatise for model builders, naval historians, and maritime enthusiasts, as well as anyone who appreciates the art of drafting.

Wooden boat plans - How to physique your own boat - Over 518 boat plans

Download Here http://www.wooden-boat-plans.most talented-online-solution.com Wooden boat plans - How to build a boat with Over 500 boat plans wooden boat magazine woo...

  • Trump

    Plans or kit to enlarge a boat for water skiing?

    Hey all, I see tons of plans and kits online to build catamarans, kayaks, small fishing boats... I want plans or a kit to build a large celerity boat for water skiing! You know like the boat can hold like 6 - 8 people. It would be like 25 feet...

    Try Glen-L Seafaring Designs... They have quite a few ski boat and power cruiser designs that may be what you're looking for. Glen-L specializes in wooden boats, but also has plans for boats made from fiberglass,...

  • iRow

    How much would you judge the cost of building a wooden rowing shell?

    I am wondering about bring in of materials plus the amount of time I would have to invest into it. Also, how difficult would it be for somebody like me with no boat building experience? Looking for answers from some person who has stitch and tape boat building...

    It is easier and cheaper then most reckon... The link below overs plans and kits... I have been buying plans from these guys for over 40 years. They are good people, have great selection of plans, but most...

  • cupitor_incredibilium

    How do you body a (working) wooden canoe (easily)?

    I'm fourteen and irritating to build a wooden canoe, nothing fancy, but at least presentable and floating. Could someone provide instructions or websites with instructions about this keynote? PS if you're giving instructions, please don't use fancy...

    Barest very pretty: use cedar strips, glued together and shaped and epoxied with fiberglass. about 800 hours of work. Extremely pretty: get a stitch-and-glue kit from: http://www.pygmyboats.com/mall/taiga.asp I've built...

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