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Published for luxury yacht owners around the world, Yachts International features in-depth articles on the finest builders and designers, profiles of state-of-the-art vessels, industry news, and useful information for those interested in the yachting lifestyle.

MYS Vernissage Video: Turkish superyacht builder CMB Yachts

The Turkish superyacht builder CMB Yachts is shut up to completion of their second motor yacht, the 47 metre Orient Star. In addition the company signed two co...

  • The 1990 “yacht tax” caused a generous deadweight loss, because demand for luxury yachts made in the United State?

    The 1990 “yacht tax” caused a on the loose deadweight loss, because demand for luxury yachts made in the United States is _______. very elastic very inelastic marvellously inelastic since “rich” people will pay whatever is necessary perfectly elastic

    the reply proved to be "very elastic". It was argued at the time in congress that "yachts" where luxury items and should be taxed as such. I remember there was quite a reflect on over how much a yacht would cost...

  • dark lord

    Which of the assets are most like as not to be good collateral? Which are likely to be bad collateral?

    Imagine that you are a banker responsible for approving corporate loan. 9 firms are seeking secured loans. They offer the following assets as collateral: a.Constant A, a refiner offers a storage tank full of jet fuel. b.Firm B, a wine wholesaler offers...

    H, the sway bonds are the safest and most easily converted security. Nearly all of the others are likely to have problems as collateral as the resale value may switch or the item may spoil or be depleted. Even...

  • How did it drudgery out when George HW decided to target the rich with luxury taxes?

    How varied boat builders and luxury car making laborers lost their jobs? Did it take to long to see the trickle down effect of economic jealousy? All knowledgeable one - They repealed it quickly as it destroyed parts of the economy. No thanks for your false...

    Twelve days ago, the luxury tax on overpriced cars expired. It was the last of the luxury taxes that the first President Bush signed in 1990 as part of the budget agreement in which he on the skids his "read my lips, no new...

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  • Robert Knebel Discusses the Brand-new Demands on the Private Jet Industry

    11/25/13 ,via Superyachts.com

    We sat down with Robert Knebel, Embraer's Degeneracy President of Sales and Marketing for North America, at the recent Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to obtain out about life in the fast-moving world of private aviation. We began by asking him what

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  • Luxury Toys

    11/24/13 ,via myneworleans.com

    That quite low-key sector is yachts. New Orleans is home to one of the largest builders of luxury yachts in the world. From a yard along the city’s Industrial Canal, Trinity Yachts LLC turns out obese, amenity-laden boats fit for royalty – literally.

  • Lease Luxury Superyacht Islander

    11/22/13 ,via superyachts.com

    Islander, way back when named The Other Woman, is a 57.91 metre luxury motor yacht custom built in 1991 by Australian Yacht Builders. The yacht's interior was designed by Paola D. Smith & Associates. This luxury yacht benefitted from an nationwide refit in 2009.

  • Ten Top Motorized Vessel Manufacturers Announced in November 2013 by bestofluxury.com

    11/10/13 ,via WKRG

    bestofluxury.com has selected the finest luxury motorized boat manufacturers in the luxurious living industry for the month of November 2013. Thousands providing solutions within the assiduity are put to the test in order to decide which manufacturers offer ...

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iceland reykjavík 2012 reykjavíkurhöfn harpatónlistarográðstefnuhúsiðíreykjavík luxuryyachtoctopus

Luxury yacht Octopus
Luxury yacht Octopus is now at the outer harbor in Reykjavik. It´s owned by the millionaires Paul Allen, a co-come to nothing of Microsoft. Octopus is one of the most exalted yacht world, it is 126 meters long and...
Photo by Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi on Flickr

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